Agape founder Devin Francois

What is Agape?

Today, we live in a world where we human beings are constantly being forced into division and separation—a world where things like religion, race, and politics associated with a person are far more significant than this person’s heart and soul. It became far too common that I would turn on the television or log onto a social media site, and what would always jump out and grab my attention was racial issues… social injustice… immorality in this world we call home. I would have conversations about these occurrences with people whom I considered close to me. “What is wrong with the world? Why do these things keep happening? What will make this stop?” are questions I would ask hoping for, but rarely ever receiving a thorough enough answer to satisfy me. Someone had to step up. Someone had to take initiative to try to heal whatever they could… to fix the broken. Someone of this generation had to be that Martin Luther King Jr. or that Malcom X… that person who saw what they thought was wrong and stood up in attempt to fix it. “Why can’t you be that person, Beaux?” I would ask myself. So, I became this person. I concluded that love is the only thing that could fix these issues. Love is the only medicine that could cure the hateful diseases, which seem to be contagious, carried by far too many people in this world. I decided to create my own brand—Agape, meaning unconditional love.